Go the Denver Nuggets

We had always planned to try and see a bit of Denver and the surrounding area when we were here and seeing as the snow wasn’t as fantastic as it has been we decided to hire a car a spend a weekend in Denver and then a few days boarding in Vail and Beaver Creek next week.
After picking up the car and doing a bit of a shop for all of the heavier items we wanted but didn’t want to lug up the hill we headed off to Denver (only 1.5 hrs). We managed to get a fairly flash place to stay in the middle of town and went off for a wander. We soon stumbled upon one of the thousand breweries in Denver and actually enjoyed a great beer.
The city centre of Denver was nice and we enjoyed a stroll down the main mall of 16th street and ended up at the Pepsi Centre where the Nuggets were playing NBA against the Brooklyn Nets. Not exactly two powerhouses of the game at the moment but we were keen to see some basketball so this was going to be great.
The stadium was pretty impressive and we got a good overview from our seats up with the gods!! We had a great time though the game went to overtime where the nuggets lost by a single point. There was always loads going on, not only the game itself but music, games for the crowds, a very entertaining mascot and of course plenty of food and drink (not much beer for us as this was the first place not to accept our drivers licenses for ID, I was pretty chuffed to pass as a 19 or 20 yr old!)
Anyway nothing distracted from the evening and we had a superb time, best thing is they turn the stadium around and we are watching ice hockey there tomorrow after lunch!! T


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