Day 2 in Denver

The morning started with a walk around downtown Denver, looking at architecture and walking along the river. I took me a while to realize why it reminded me of an English city rather than American. It was because we saw all the other cities in America in summer, and the trees where lush and green. As it was winter here they were just bare bones. Still beautiful just different, bleak almost. Trust a Queenslander to forget that everyone else gets real seasons and the trees lose their leaves!
We then walked back to Pepsi Stadium as we had tickets for the Denver Avalanches! The local ice hockey team. Before the game Tim purchased his ice hockey jersey. Which like all hockey jerseys has to be about 4 sizes too big and come down to your knees. As you can imagine Tim was well chuffed.
I had never really taken much notice of ice hockey as a game, other than watching The Mighty Ducks as a kid. Well it is a weird sport of extremes. On one side you have grown men who skate so elegantly while seeming to have the puck on a string to viciously trying to beat up the opposition with no real interference from the referees. Everyone stands up and cheers when two players get into it. On one rather long fight, the Rocky theme was played! Absolutely brilliant! The atmosphere of the game was electric and it was a must win game for them to make it to the playoffs. The game came to a head when 3 mins to go, our goalie was substituted for an attacker to try and get an overlap. We were down by one. We had a shot at goal but then the other team quickly had it down their end with an empty net. We lost by three. 

After the ice hockey we went for another walk around down town, this time to the Capital building. It was a mini replica of Capital building in Washington. As the one in Washigton was covered in scaffolding when we were there it was nice to see it complete! Around the area they have a really cool arts area with funky buildings and art galleries. It really was an enjoyable walk.
We were pretty parched after that so we went and had a few drinks in a bar we had previously scoped out. It had its own indoor bocce pitch. It was very cool but unfortunately the pitches were booked so we had a few of the local beers on tap instead! 
Not surprisingly we met a few locals who took us under their wing and decided they needed to show us a good time. They took us to 1 Up Bar which was a computer game geeks heaven! The walls were lined with pinball machines and old school arcade games. Luckily we decided to call it a night after that as we really would have had sore heads the next day!
On the drive home from Denver we passed a little town that had a frozen dam. We noticed people out in the middle and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go for a walk out on the ice. Now I must admit if we hadn’t just seen the Park Ranger out there and had asked him if it was safe I don’t think I would have had the nerve to walk out there! You could see cracks in the ice and it made noises when you were out there. We were a little reassured when we found out they were racing cars out there last week. Apparently it is 12 inches thick.  
So glad we got to explore Denver and see the basketball and ice hockey. That means we have seen live games of NFL, baseball, basketball and ice hockey. Surely we get green cards for that right?? S

A few shots from around Denver

Tim displaying his new hockey jersey and our superbly high seats!  

We may have been high but it was an awesome view!


  A view from the 1Up bar showing all the arcade games. 
Out on the frozen dam on the drive back home the next day

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