So after a great weekend in Denver we were going to use the car to go to Vail and Beaver Creek through the week. Unfortunately the snow hadn’t been too good for the preceding week but luckily it started dumping on the Sunday night and when we woke up Vail had had 5 inches!!
We decided to spend one day doing the bowls and the second doing the front side of the mountain. We were so lucky to get the snow and the bowls were immense! We boarded hard all day and got to see 6 different bowls, it took all day and while the conditions weren’t perfect we had an amazing time. The back bowl area is absolutely huge and we could see why everyone recommended it as the place to go after snow!
We were absolutely exhausted by the time we finished and the snow started falling as we got in the car to drive home. The road became pretty snowy as we were driving back and just as we were taking some photos of the conditions the traffic ahead was stopped so we pulled up in the queue. As we were waiting I noticed that a few of the cars behind were struggling to slow down and as one started fish tailing I knew it was going to hit us! I told Sarah and tried to move out of the way but he clipped us before hitting another car then the side of the road.
We were fine and the damage was minimal and I got outside to see if the other was okay. There is a joke about Americans being unable to drive as they only aspire to driving round in circles in NASCAR and the guy who crashed into us only confirmed the truth behind the joke. He was driving a Dodge Charger with his leg in a cast and complained that he could not stop because he was downshifting gears because of the snow. I told him I just braked and stopped and then we waited for the police.
There were so many crashes that we were told to go online and report our own accident reports and then carry on home. The road was shut though and we soon came across a police block where we had to wait. After an hour we were told to follow the police home so got to drive in a police convoy behind two snow ploughs which was pretty cool!
We went back a second day to Vail but it was far less exciting. We spent the day on the pistes and it was good but not as good as Breckenridge but we had a great time anyway. Once again it was very impressive as to how big the resort was but we did struggle a bit on the boards with all the catwalks but still a great resort. The most impressive thing about Vail is the back bowls and an experience we won’t forget. T 

First run of the day

 As you can see visibility was low but still so much fun

 Sarah in one of the back bowls

More views of the back bowls     
The drive back just before the accident. As you can see it was pretty tough going

 The damage to our car

The damage to his

 Our escort on the way home once the roads had opened up

Day 2 in Vail. As you can see a little nicer weather 

Frost on our windshield in the morning. Such amazing patterns! 

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