Beaver Creek

So for our last day with the car we wanted to go and ski Beaver Creek which was just next to Vail and apparently is where all the super rich go! The day before we were there they had had 10 inches of snow so we were pretty excited as it had been fairly warm there for the preceding week and we had heard that the slopes weren’t in great condition.
As soon as we arrived in the resort we knew it was pretty flash. The centre of the village was dominated by an ice rink and there were escalators rather than stairs to get up to the lift. We had heard rumors of people handing out cookies but unfortunately we didn’t see them.
We were there for first lifts but the place was pretty quiet and we soon found ourselves up on some of the best groomed slopes we had done. It was obviously just a combination of the new snow and the early morning grooming but we had a fantastic time carving down the slopes it was great.
We also figured out that there weren’t a lot of people skiing the blacks either so we enjoyed fresh powder all day and a couple of the longest mogul slopes we had done.
The resort was really easy to get around and we had no trouble in getting around the whole mountain in the day and once again we couldn’t believe how lucky we were to experience such great conditions. We were both taken by the resort but we both feel that we made the right decision in choosing Breckenridge, I really think it’s the best of all!! T

A view of the packed pistes and Beaver Creek below.

Downtown Beaver Creek.

Beaver Creek 

Beautiful tree lined runs all over the resort.

Sarah was quite taken by the benches for us to put our boards on.

Some of the bumps on another busy slope!

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