Kelly & Ben

We had been having such a great season with the snow that it seemed a little unfair that just before Kelly and Ben were coming out, the town got unseasonably warm and the snow started to melt.
No fear though as the weather forcast was for snow and four days before they were due to arrive the weather delivered in spectacular fashion. (Just for my records we had 9 then 9 then 7 then 11 inches per day of snow). So Sarah and I had been lucky enough to enjoy three amazing days of powder and as Kelly and Ben arrived there was a huge amount of snow falling. We were all very excited.
All in all for the whole time they were here we had more powder days than normal and they got some great conditions. The resort was busier than we had seen it all season but we got up for first lifts most days and that meant we got the best of the skiing. In fact most mornings we were getting fresh tracks although there were a few occasions when I had to battle to get everyone out and I definitely heard some murmurings of dissent when I suggested just “one more run” at the end of the day.
The highlight was playing around with Ben’s GoPro which I admit we had been poo pooing previously but we managed to get some fantastic videos which are going to be a fantastic memory. It was absolutely superb to catch up with them and we all had a fantastic time. T

Easy to be happy at the start of a powder day!

Well that looks thigh deep to me!

A few more shots of everyone enjoying the powder.

The sun did come out and this is us enjoying one of the bowls on peak 7.

A few snaps of Kelly and Ben.

We decided to go sledding on the last day, we were the oldest there but certainly had loads of fun!


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