We decided that we couldn’t come to Romania and not go to Vlad “The Impaler” Tepes’ (Supposed Dracula) birthplace. The town itself was apparently worth a look so we jumped in the car and headed the 200 or so kilometers north. 

Pretty much from the moment we arrived we decided it was worth it. All the sights are perched on a hill with the rest of the town spreading out from there. As you wind your way up the hill along cobblestone streets and multicolored houses with gingerbread roofs you seem to be transported back in time. 

By the time we arrived it was lunch time so after parking our car we took our picnic up the hill and sat in a courtyard with views of the beautiful clock tower behind us and the town spread out below. The sun was gloriously hot and there was not a cloud in the sky. The clock tower had a multicoulred patchwork roof and little painted statues around the clock face.

After our lunch we then wandered around the streets with every which way being photographed by us as it seemed out of a movie. We then passed Vlad’s birth house which was an unassuming house in a row right near the square. No castle for Vlad. 

As we were walking towards the Church on the Hill we passed a cellar selling local plum schnapps. So after a quick taste test we decided to purchase a bottle to warm our bellies in the future as we had run out of Russian vodka.We then walked the hundred and something covered stairs to the Church on the hill. The church itself wasn’t very impressive (we are starting to get a bit picky when it comes to churches) but the cemetery was pretty scary. Filled with trees that had lost their leaves. It definitely gave you the creeps and that was on a sunny day! 

Back down the hill we pretty much just lost ourselves in the old town wandering this way and that and enjoying the sun. Although it didn’t have the castle on the hill like we had pictured Romanian towns to have, we finally got the village we were after. It was definitely well worth the extra kms to come and visit. Our last night in Romania before we head back to Hungry. S

Spectacular castle on the hill in one of the little villages we drove past. 

The clock tower.

Spooky cemetery.

Que lots of street pictures.

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